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About Us
About Us
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E-Mail1: 14933813@qq.com

E-Mail2: vera@smtesd.com

E-Mail2: ella@smtesd.com

Skype1: verasimon

Skype2: ellazxm

M1:+86 158 7908 6380

M2:+86 159 7046 7629
Add: B1808, Block 3, Keyuan, Buji, Shenzhen, China. (518112)
Website: www.smtesd.com

About Us

          OST (Ocean Sky Technology Limited) is a One-Stop Service company in SMT Spare parts_SMT Consumables_ESD materials_Cleanroom materials for EMS.


          Diversified activities, Professional Employees, Strong network of agencies world wide, Rapport with major customers, Good quality and Sincerely service are the major advantages of Oceansky  to be one among the leading players in the Industry.


We supply always:


A: SMT Products

1) SMT PCB Racks: pcb racks, pcb trolley, pcb magazine racks, reel racks, esd carts, pcb handcarts, smt feeder carts trolley.

2) smt nozzles: Panasonic_KME nozzles, Fuji nozzles, Juki nozzles, Yamaha nozzles, Samsung nozzles.

3) smt filters: Panasonic_KME filters, Fuji filters, Juki filters, Yamaha filters, Hitachi filters, Samsung filters.

4) smt belts: Panasonic_KME belts, Fuji belts, Juki belts, Siemens belt, MPM belts, Erka belts, DEK belts, Hitaci belts.

5) Panasonic_KME smt spare parts, Yamaha smt spare parts.

6) smt splice tapes_clips_tools, kapton tapes, 

7) smt stencil paper rolls: DEK rolls, MPM rolls, Erka rolls, Panasonic_KME rolls, Fuji rolls, Juki rolls, Yamaha rolls, Samsung rolls.

8) dry cabinet, smd counter, nozzle cleaner machine, pcb seperator, plastic soft solder, ring illuminator, fume absorber, humidity indicator card etc..

B: ESD Products
1) esd shoes, esd slippers, esd gloves, esd caps, esd coats, esd heel straps, esd wrist straps, esd finger cots.

2) esd rubber mats, esd anti-fatigue mats, sticky mats.

3) esd bins, esd box, esd tray, esd racks, esd trolley, esd carts.

4) esd brushes, esd tweezers, esd curtain, esd tester, esd ionizer.

5) esd tiles, esd chairs, esd ipa dispenser etc.
Expecting your choosing sincerely!


1) OST can offer Grade A quality SMT parts.  (There are Grade A,B,C,D in China)
2) Good quality, good Price.
3) Though we're not maufacturer, the manufacturer is our associated comapny, we  have done business with them for a long time,
since we deal with many buyers on a regular basis, we can place many firm orders to the manufacturer, so, we can get a special discount on the price.



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