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Nozzle Cleaner Machine

Nozzle Cleaner Machine

Nozzle Cleaner  machine,

TNW_X12A(cleaning 12pcs nozzle meanwhile), lead time: have stock.
TNW_X24A(cleaning 24pcs nozzle meanwhile), lead time: 15-30days.
TNW_X36A(cleaning 36pcs nozzle meanwhile), lead time: 15-30days.

Required liquid:Industrial pure water

 The main cleaning principle:

Internal equipment supercharger technology,Industrial water can decompose and become water molecules(Diameter:φ0.03),Finally, high-pressure, pulse cleaning methods,This is the best way to clean,Thank you!


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Nozzle Inspector
Nozzle Inspector
Nozzle Cleaner Machine
Nozzle Cleaner Machine
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